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Natural Cedar vs. Synthetic Shake Roofing 
July 13, 2023

At Riddick Roofing, we offer both natural cedar shake and synthetic shake roofing. Which one should you choose? We’ll lay out the differences here to help inform your decision. There are several aspects to consider: lifespan, wear and maintenance, environmental impact, warranty, and of course, cost. 

Natural cedar shakes typically last about 30 years, however, heavy grade pressure-treated shakes can go up to 50 years. Synthetic shakes have a lifespan of 40-50 years.  

Synthetic shakes maintain their appearance as they age, and require little upkeep. Natural cedar will gray as it ages, which some find attractive, but will also ultimately crack, curl, and rot. It requires more maintenance; any debris, excess moisture, or moss must be removed. 

Natural cedar shakes are made from split logs, most of which come from sustainably managed forests. When it’s time to replace them, they can be recycled into wood chips. So they have arguably less of an impact on the environment than the production of synthetic shakes. 

Most synthetic shakes will have a limited lifetime warranty. Manufacturers generally do not offer a warranty on natural cedar shake, because it is a naturally occurring material. However, pressure-treated cedar shakes have a 40-year warranty, so we typically recommend that if going for natural shakes. We offer a warranty on workmanship for both products.  

Cost is a big consideration for most people. Synthetic shakes are typically the more cost effective option. Natural cedar shakes cost about 40% more than synthetic shakes. 

We are happy to answer questions regarding these or any of our other roofing options. Call us today for a free consultation! 

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