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Invest in Standing Seam Metal Roofing
April 22, 2023

Standing Seam metal roofing is the traditional metal roofing that you may have seen on an old farmhouse. It has a sleek old-fashioned design, and it is a timeless choice. 

Standing Seam roofing is probably the most frequently installed specialty roofing by our company. We are very experienced and familiar with the techniques and have installed standing seam metal on all types of homes and buildings.  We prefer to use .032 aluminum by Sentrigard. This material holds its paint finish longer than steel.

Why Standing Seam versus other metal options?

Standing Seam metal roofing is installed with no exposed screw heads unlike other types of metal roofing that you may have seen. When those screw heads are left exposed to the weather their rubber gaskets can break down over time causing serious damage to the interior of your home.  Our traditional installation method gives you the satisfaction of knowing there are no fasteners exposed to the elements. 

While standing seam metal roofing typically runs about 2.5-3 times more than a traditional shingle roof, the life expectancy of a metal roof far surpasses a shingle roof. You should get the life span of 3 shingle roofs out of one metal roof. 

So, the upfront costs may be more for a standing seam metal roof, but your return on investment will double over time, leaving a quality roof for your family for generations to come.

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