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BRHS stands head and shoulders above the other roofing companies
August 06, 2018

I’m not going to tell you about how great and wonderful BRHS is, please read the other testimonials for that.  Rather I want to offer you a perfect example of why BRHS stands head and shoulders above the other roofing companies in the area with their craftsmanship, knowledge of products, experience and problem-solving solutions.

I am a member of Trinity Ecumenical Parish (TEP) on Rt 122 about a half mile south of the bridge.  I was also the Chairman of our Buildings and Ground Team for a number of years.  It wasn’t long after I became Chairman that we starting having problems with the roof (not a BRHS roof.)  I contacted a couple roofers and they either didn’t bother to return my phone calls or they couldn’t be bothered with trouble shooting someone else’s work.  Then a friend suggested Bob and the rest is history.  Bob kept us patched up over the next several years until one day he called me and said it was time for a new roof.  Our 25-year roof had failed us in less than twelve years!

Faced with having to replace this huge roof to the tune of more than $125,000, we needed answers – why did this happen, what can we do to make sure a new roof won’t have the same failure, etc.  Bob met with our Team over the next several months to determine the cause and came up with the solution needed to prevent future failures.  BRHS was able to determine that the roof at TEP had prematurely failed because of a poor engineering design that did not allow for proper ventilation.  The heat buildup cooked the shingles to the point they became brittle and cracked.

Now here is truly the best news about BRHS and how smart these guys are.  BRHS uses only GAF products and is among only 2% of all roofing companies in the US to be certified as a Master Elite roofing contractor.  So when Bob turned to GAF for suggestions to improve ventilation in order for GAF to warranty our new roof, GAF (the US’s largest roofing manufacturer) struggled to find a solution.  That’s when Bob’s experience and innovation kicked into high gear.  Within the week Bob presented the GAF engineers with a venting solution, using a new GAF product, that not only was approved by GAF for our roof design but has been incorporated into their factory training for large roof systems like ours.  Without Bob’s forward thinking and understanding of issues like this it would have cost us tens of thousand dollars more to modify the building/roof truss system and still would not have provided as much ventilation as Bob’s design!

Bill Taylor



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