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Post Winter Checklist
January 06, 2018

Winter has undoubtedly taken its toll on your home, and now that the snow is melting and the sun is beginning to shine, many more problems are likely to surface. Leaves in your gutter, cracks in your driveway, the weight of snow on your roof, and dead plants from last year are all areas you should focus on. Below, we will walk you through these problem areas, what to look for and what to do.

Check your roof shingles

Winter months see lots of water on your rooftop and when that water freezes, it can damage your shingles, causing them to shift or crack. Keep an eye out for any loose, missing, cracked or shifted shingles. These areas can cause leaking and interior water damage. Also, if you notice any shingles with missing grain, it would be time to call for roof repair.

Examine your chimney

Check the exterior of your chimney for any damage at all, especially around the base where it connects with the roof. Also be sure the check the flue for any blockage or debris.

Check the gutters

Keep an eye out for loose or leaky gutters. If your gutters aren’t draining properly it can lead to water damage or flooding in the basement. Check your downspouts for any loose connections and make sure that they are aimed away from the foundation and clear of any leaves or debris.

Fill in low areas in the yard

Low areas in the yard and around the foundation are often impacted the most by winters wrath. It’s best to fill in these areas with compacted soil. The constant rain that comes with spring will cause flooding and can damage your home. Not to mention, when these areas are full of water, they create a breeding ground for insects.

Concrete Inspection

Winter causes havoc on existing cracks in concrete. Water seeps into those cracks and eventually freezes and expands, causing those cracks to become worse. Keep an eye out for any loose sections and always make sure your concrete slabs aim downhill from your home so water cant easily travel towards the foundation.


Once the freezing weather is over for the season, you will want to check all of your outdoor faucets. Run the water, if you are able to stop the water flow with only the pressure of your thumb, you likely have damage in your pipes and they will need to be replaced. Be sure and check your house for any dry rot while you are at it.

Mold & Mildew

Mold & mildew are common sights after the winter month. Bob Riddick Home Services is the only licensed SoftWash Systems cleaner in the state of Virginia, and it is the most promising way to remove any harmful bacteria from almost any surface. Power washing can be dangerous and harmful to a lot of surfaces and only blasts away some of the bacteria. SoftWash, however cleans and disinfects the whole surface area and even prevents bacteria from returning. The choice is obvious!

If you are experiencing any or more of the above issues, we are more than happy to lend you hand! Give us a call any time!

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